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Coastal Energy LLC
New Industerial Area
Plot 8, Block 2, Area Um Al Thoub, Um Al Quwain, P.O.BOX 1243, United Arab Emirates.

At Coastal Energy LLC, the mechanism of the re-refining process involves the removal of impurities in spent lubricant oil and bringing it back to the initial state which is base oil without additives. Degradation of the lubricant properties is a consequence of the additives being depleted, whereas base oil molecules stay in contact that can be recovered. Re-refining of used oil means conversion of used oil into high-quality base oils by using the acid-clay conventional process or the latest distillation/evaporation technique along with the final polishing stage of advanced adsorption technology or solvent extraction, and, in the case of group II – hydrotreating.
Coastal Energy LLC utilizes the latest re-refining technology to refine used lubricating oil which consists of the following processes:

Feed Preparation: These methods include the removal of dirt, sand-metal particles, and undissolved water that settled down at the bottom of tanks.
· Dehydration: Removes dissolved water and lighter hydrocarbons (combustibles).
· Ultra-high Vacuum Distillation: Recovers base oil content from residual waste.
· Advanced Bleaching Technology: Coastal Energy LLC utilized advanced adsorption technology in the bleaching process,
our evolutionary adsorbents give ultimate results to improve oil color and smell along with optimized operational cost.

Coastal Energy LLC is a used oil and lubricants re-refining unit. It is a sister concern of
Atlantic Grease and Lubricants Manufacturing. The plant is located in Emirates Modern
Industrial Area, Umm Al Quwain. At Coastal Energy LLC, used oil undergoes extensive re-refining process to remove contaminants to produce good-as-new base oil. This base oil is then sold to blenders who add additive packages to produce lubricants such as motor oil, transmission fluid, and grease. The main difference between re-refined and virgin oil products is that re-refined represents the responsible choice for the environment. Re-refined oil reduces our dependence on imported oil, reduces the depletion of natural resources, eliminates waste material, and helps create jobs.